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Drobo’s Giveaway Contest

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Yesterday I got an interesting e-mail from Drobo.  They’re currently doing a contest giving away a few Drobos.  Hey, I could always use a Drobo or two!  For readers out there who really want to get creative, go read about the Drobo contest.  “What would you do with 100 Drobos?”  If you’ve got a great idea for where the 100 could go you really should check out the contest!  Personally, I’d give them out to artists and photographers who need a better backup system but can’t swing one right now because they are after all starving artists…..  🙂
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I’m sure a few readers are now asking, “What’s a Drobo, and why do you want one Rich?” Ah, easy answers folks!

Drobo makes some of the best backup drives out there.  I’ve been wanting two for a few years now.  One for the office, and one for the home.  I’m big on backing up and Drobo makes it super easy.  See, the Drobo storage devices are setup with multiple hard drives that are RAID.  That means the active drive where you’re working off of (my photo libraries for instance) are automatically backed up to a secondary drive in the device.  If one drive fails you have a “mirrored” version on the other drive.  Talk about secure data.

Given what I do for a living you’d think I’d have a Drobo in the studio already.  Alas, as a small business owner you’re forced to make choices every month on the financial side.  A Drobo is on my list of “must haves”, but haven’t gotten one yet (for some strange reason I keep spending my money on ink and canvas).  However, many of my clients now have Drobos due to my recommendation!  Currently I’m running a few external drives that I manually back up and sync between home and office.  Not the most convenient system, but it’s working until I get the solution I really want.



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  1. Having owned a Drobo myself for a little over a year now, the redundancy, stability, availability, and peace of mind that comes with this type of backup system is totally worth the investment. Whether you go with a Drobo, Buffalo Station or any other setup, it’s always important to adhere to the 3-2-1 system of backing up: 3 copies, 2 local, 1 remote.

    Having said that, another Drobo could give just that extra cushion of comfort, but is one that just not as feasible on a cost versus need basis.

  2. Post

    Ah Jason, I thought you had a Drobo. Lucky!

    Right now I have a primary set in office, a sync drive that goes to and from the office, and finally a set at home. What I’d like is a Drobo in office and one at home. I know, overkill but I used to be in Network Engineering and Operations. You can never have too many backups!

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