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I’ve had many e-mails from friends regarding the gallery.  My buddy Tom from Florida finally summed up the requests in a recent comment on this blog.

Before and after photos….

Guess I’ve been neglegent.  But today I decided to remedy things and let folks see what all the fuss has been about.

I headed out early this morning before work to swing by the Firehouse Plaza.  My hope was that things were open and that Ian was busy toiling away.  Sure enough he was there, the building was open, and more progress had been made.

I totally missed the initial opportunities to take pictures.  There’s been a ton of progress for sure!

Even with the wide angle lens I wasn’t able to do the new space justice.  See, the new space combines 2 spaces.  Ian had to open up a wide walk through between the two areas.  The photo you’re seeing is “space 1”.  Space two sinks off into the darkness to your left.

It’s an interesting spot for sure.  The concrete floors were acid washed yesterday and they’re looking pretty cool today.  New partitions have been put up for the printer and framing space, and some weird junction boxes have been walled in.

We’re getting there……but more has to happen in the next few weeks!

In the courtyard area a lot has changed too.  Ian opened up two new window areas.  This will really get more light in, and it will allow patrons of the restaurant to have a “look see” while they’re dining.  Pretty cool.  Now we just need the glass for the windows!

Well, now you’ve got some idea of what’s been going on!  Heck, now I have more of an idea that this is really happening!  🙂

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  1. I’ve actually BEEN to the gallery myself (not since the floors have been done…) and it is a wonderful space! I am loving the exposed metal beaming that is the entryway to the extra room…the dormer windows up above the large room let in the perfect amount of light…and all the exposed brick and ceiling look so great, and make the space feel wonderful! I am so excited to see it all done…

  2. Wow – looking in the window a few months back, I had no idea just how much available floor area there was.

    Thanks for letting us take a peek!

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    I don’t know about obscene profits at this juncture. But I would like to see it flourish, pay for itself, and provide enjoyment to patrons. We’re getting there even with the economic nonsense looming.

    Crazed risk or visionary move? 😉

  5. Holy crap dude, I had no idea you were going to be right in the front of the plaza!

    You’re going to rock this town……..

    rock it inside out.

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