A few thoughts for job hunters

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The other day while at the Gallery in Williams I met a young man in the store who was on the job hunt.  He didn’t come right out and say it at first.  Instead he wandered the gallery for a bit, and finally as he was getting ready to exit he mentioned he was searching for employment.  I explained to him that the gallery was member run and we all take turns being in there, so no opportunities there.

After he left I started thinking about job hunting, and what it takes to make a good impression.  In his case?  Very bad impression.  So I thought I’d share a few tips based on my interaction with him at 10 a.m.

  1. Bed head at 10 a.m. does not make a good first impression.
  2. Showering before scouring for jobs is very helpful.
  3. Smelling of recently consumed hard liquor is also not going to impress potential employers.
  4. Slurring due to your recent hard liquor is also not going to impress most.  Maybe some, but most no.
  5. Using curse words about your spouse’s former employer, “The bleeping let her go with no notice, so that’s why I’m looking for a bleeping job,” really doesn’t seal the deal.  A spouse who hasn’t worked in a month and didn’t get the hint is probably hitting the liquor with ya early in the morning.

So, there are a few helpful tips if you’re on a job hunt.  Shower, comb, no booze, and no cussing.  Oh, and a resume would be nice, or a request for a job application.  That always helps……….



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