When copyright becomes meaningless

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This morning I received an e-mail from a regular reader about my post on the “Courtesy Photo” credit.  I thought I’d share the reader’s insight.

I’m on your side on at least giving credit but with a generation that believes that music on the web should be free, why wouldn’t we expect that their thinking is anything should be free as long as I don’t get caught!

Pretty good insight.  Folks do think copyright is meaningless these days.  And individuals do download “free” songs and movies willie nilly.  But for profit corporations disregarding intellectual property rights?  You’d think that writers and editors would fully understand copyright as well.  Of course, the bar is set pretty low for journalism these days.  Maybe editors are too busy listening to “free” music to pay attention to silly things like credits.

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  1. I think you know I’ve always been an advocate of supporting the arts, but recently I’ve been looking deeper into copy right and intellectual property and while I haven’t come to any solid conclusions I don’t see it as a black and white issue anymore. One of the big problems I’m seeing is how much copyright and IP stifles innovation. I’ve also had a very hard time finding a good argument in favor copyright but have found several compelling debates against it.
    I’m still paying for all of my music, movies, art etc., but I’m currently struggling to answer why.

  2. I wanted to add even Ayn Rand should have been against copyright according to her own philosophy. The biggest thing I took away from Atlas Shrugged was that the initiation of of force is never acceptable… so how would copyright be enforced?

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