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Yesterday I posted a quick sample of the start of a splash screen that I’m working on for the gallery web site.  In the post I neglected to talk about the most important aspect of working on the Flash CS4 presentation.  The Kelby Training web site has helped immensely!

Way back in the day, you know, ancient history, I was an economist working on a master’s thesis.  The topic?  “The Economics of Digital Networks:  How per unit pricing effects endogenous technological change.”  Whew, that was a title if I ever saw one.

In order to present an accurate model of digital networks I spent almost a year teaching myself about the topic from the engineering standpoint.  TCP/IP networks weren’t in vogue yet.  “Everybody” wasn’t on the Internet.  Just a few of us.  At the time there was no such thing as a “web browser,” but while doing my thesis the first browser showed up on the scene.  Mosaic.  Remember that?

Over the next few years I dealt with web development, database design, network engineering, and more.  Heck, I put the first website together for my department back in grad school.

Since my beginnings so much has changed.  Your standard static web site isn’t so standard.  Database driven websites like WordPress, Active X, Flash, Java Scripts, and more.  Hard to keep up with today, don’t you think?  Many web design companies are compartmentalized.  One person doesn’t build the site start to finish.  One person does the graphic layout, one person does the scripting, somebody else builds the flash.  It gets complex.

Fortunately, there are ways to make it less complex.  Kelby Training has helped me re-enter higher end web development.  See, I used to code everything by hand.  My favorite web editor?  BBEdit, a text based editor.  But now there’s so much more to web layout and design.  Where could I catch up and get back into the cutting edge web development?  Go figure, the folks with Scott Kelby had the answers.

Where everyone learns Photoshop - National Association of Photoshop Professionals

Kelby Training does a lot more than just teach you about Photoshop.  Want to learn about everything in the CS4 suite?  Yeah, they’ve got that.  Want to learn about WordPress?  A new class just went up on WordPress recently.  How about doing shoots on location?  Lighting?  Wedding shoots?  All of those things are covered, and more.

My subscription should be expiring soon with Kelby Training.  This is the one subscription that I won’t need to wonder about, I’ll be renewing it.  The classes are that good, and I haven’t been through all of them yet.

Don’t know what to get your favorite tech geek this Christmas?  How about a 1 year membership at Kelby Training?  They’ll love it.  Or, get yourself a present!  Presents to yourself are always fun!  Don’t forget a NAPP membership too (the National Association of Photoshop Pros).  The image above will link you there.  🙂

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  1. Not being a subscriber to video training with either Kelby or Lynda, I’ve been hesitant to pony up for the cost (especially right now), but your indication that a class on WordPress just went up has me intrigued. I may have to try it out for a month, since I seem to have the time right now! 🙂

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