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The total redesign of the Ian Russell Gallery website is under way.  I’d say I’m about 25% done, but we’ve got the new updated structure available online right now.  Over the next few weeks things should begin changing pretty quickly, so be sure to stop in often to check it out.

Of course, print clients and other web clients come first!  So, if I get side tracked and the web redesign slows down, sorry.  Clients first.  🙂

In the line of really popping things up, I’ve been playing with Flash CS4.  Flash is one of those things that I’ve normally avoided.  Bandwidth heavy, time consuming, etc, etc, etc…….

Sounds just like my old sour grapes from the pre-Photoshop editing days where I made excuses.  Hmmm…..

In the interest of being broad minded, I’ve decided to add a Flash splash screen to the main gallery site.  Broadening the horizons.  Plus I’ve been dealing with Flash a lot lately for one client, why not try it out for myself.  Look below, and tell me what you think about my first go around with the splash screen Flash presentation.  Keep in mind, it isn’t done, but getting there! And I know, gotta slow the images in the ending part down just a tad. Getting there!

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  1. I love it! Keep working.
    The other website did not offer much for those of us who can’t take a ride into the gallery to shop. Love the Flash splash screen…

  2. Post

    LOL Jason!

    I’ll be setting up some “virtual tours” of the gallery as well. Already working on podcast like material. I think this will help folks see everything we offer from print services to some amazing art by amazing artists!

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