A hummingbird nest

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Hummingbirds are everywhere here in AZ.  Seriously, it’s like an epidemic or something.  We’re being over run with hummingbirds……

Just try wearing a red hat while hiking.  They hover around your head constantly.

Now, we’ve all seen hummingbirds hovering in mid air.  The wings frozen in time.  But have you ever seen one at rest?  Better yet, in its own nest?  I hadn’t until the other day…….

A hummingbird at rest

A hummingbird at rest

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  1. Isn’t that a good thing? To be over run by hummingbirds. I could think of a lot worse things…like cockroaches. I love hummingbirds and they are so cool to watch.

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    It’s a great thing. Just being a little tongue & cheek.

    Seriously I need to remember my camera on days when I wear my red Columbia hat. The buzz right in to check me out. I always think a bee is hovering behind me, turn around and meet a hummingbird instead. 🙂

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  4. Great find! I raise orphaned baby hummingbirds on my free time but have never seen a nest out in the real world. I think it’s time for us to come back to Arizona… for hummingbirds… and ghosts too!

  5. Beautiful shot. I love the green lichen accents in the nest. Sounds like spring is flourishing in Prescott. Hummingbirds also like to eat small flying insects as evidenced by their charging towards barriers to corral their prey and then pick them off for a glorious feast. This often happens at the window next to the computer.

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