Andy climbing in Promised Land

A man on the edge…..

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My dad has NEVER been a fan of heights.  How I ever became interested in rock climbing is beyond me.  Really, climbing cliffs?  Well, that’s how it is for me!

The other day my sister Aimee’ left a comment on the blog reminding me that dad wasn’t a fan of heights.  She knew we were heading to the Grand Canyon.

Well, dad did fine at the Canyon.  Better yet, he kept walking right up to the edge of the Canyon.  He even walked up to the edge where there was no railing.  He found a nice spot, plopped down, sat and looked out at the Canyon for a while.

There are moments when you can get over your fears because what you’re doing is so much bigger than them, don’t you think?

With that said, I’m off to open up the gallery at 7 a.m. to get our phones installed.  Bad economy or not, we’re opening this week.  Grand opening next week.  Talk about “the edge.”

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  1. I see people shopping like crazy and folks building new buildings. Not buying into the media induced hysteria.

    Ya know, I think your business will do fine. You may need to get creative for a while, but you’ll be just fine!

    Great photos of the canyon. I hope to be there soon. It’s on my list…

  2. I thought your father was very brave at the canyon, but that’s something about the canyon, the beauty is so mesmerizing it draws you away from your fears and asks you to sit with it a while instead…it’s really nature’s innate healing ability.

    Crazy economy aside…this has been one of the busiest weeks at the shop I’ve had in quite some time now…and I keep thinking that people are going to buy local for the holidays for gifts that have meaning and are quality and not some plastic junk from some other country…

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