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One big one off the list

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Well, on the list of places to see, the Grand Canyon found its way on to my dad’s radar screen.  So, today we checked that one off of the list.

Our trip started a little after 7 a.m.  A 2.5 hour trip one way to the Grand Canyon….then back again.  That was the agenda for the day!

By 9:30 we entered the park.  What a great place.  Oh, and what a crowded place.  Good grief, the first major view site was jam packed.  We couldn’t find a parking spot.  Fortunately I had fall back options in mind.

Sadira and I had taken a trip to the canyon a few weeks ago.  Been here a year and hadn’t gone to see it.  Pretty bad!  But I fixed that the other week.  And I got to scout ahead for my family’s visit!  Ah, good planning works well!

Since things were so busy in the “popular” spot we turned around and headed out to Moran Point.  My last attempt to check that spot out was thwarted by insane foreign drivers trying to back their cars right into mine.  Today was a different story.  Not too many people at the point, and better yet, a front row parking spot.  Could you ask for better?  I don’t think so!

Along the way we also stopped into Grand View, and just about every other lookout you could imagine for many miles heading East along the southern rim.  After getting to Moran Point we turned around and headed back for lunch near the El Tovar.

Lunch was pretty good, the views were great, and there were MANY other tourists there.  Wow, like going to Disney, only no rides.  Still, much better views.

I’ve certainly got more to write on, but I’m going to wrap up.  See, I’m exhausted!  Tomorrow morning I’ve got to stop by the gallery at 7 a.m. to wait on the phone guys to install DSL.  Then I’ve got a few other errands.  Plenty to do….plenty!

By the way, tonight’s guest photographer is Phyllis Charpentier.  She’s providing 2 photos from her G9.  Photos with me in them……very rare indeed!

Ah, don’t you like the serious faces my dad and I had?  We were tired at the time of this shot.  Hey, check out the tripod I’ve got in hand!  Pretty cool, eh?  🙂

Oh, and for my sister Aimee’……I know dad isn’t good with heights….but here’s the news flash.  I’ve got photos of him right at the edge!  No kidding!

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