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Ah, one more of those “yesterday” posts.  Hopefully I’ll keep up to date now!

8 a.m. we started out toward Sedona, AZ.  Another trip into Red Rock country!  Gotta love it!  I always enjoy the area, and the red rocks are just plain breathtaking!

Our first stop, Bell Rock.  Hey, everybody who comes to Sedona has to get a picture of Bell Rock.  So Phyllis snapped some shots of the famous landmark.  We also got a couple of group photos with the rock formation behind us!  Cool.

After our first little photo session we headed into town to get some goodies.  World of Jerky, Rollies, and finally New Frontiers.  A picnic lunch was assembled and we were ready for the rest of the day.

Our destinations were the Palatki and Honanki ruins sites.  Pretty amazing spots.  I’d already been to Palatki, but hadn’t gotten to see Honanki yet.  Seeing both sites was a treat!

As we made our way I could tell that everybody was enjoying the scenery.  My dad said once again that describing this place would be nearly impossible.  He’s right.  That’s why I take so many pictures.  They took a ton of photos too……and the memory card in the G9 ran out of space!  Whoops!!!

Our first stop, the Palatki site, went over well.  A visit to the old structures, a pleasant lunch (with a bat buzzing about), and then a visit to the pictograph location.  So much history in a small space!

My last visit to Palatki skipped the pictograph site.  This one did not.  We headed over to see the ancient drawings and additional structure.  Just amazing.  Ancient images that have survived to this day.  Wall drawings everywhere.  And an amazing structure at the back of the site (you’re seeing the image).  I can tell you, the wood pieces that make the roof in this image are not ancient…..not unless the cultures that lived here had chicken wire….  🙂

After spending several hours at the first site we moved on.  Honanki was next!

Honanki was another 4.5 miles along a rougher road.  This ruin site is a regular stop on the Pink Jeep Tours circuit.  So cool!

As we made our way we passed Pink Jeep after Pink Jeep.  Sadira got a shot of the Jeeps.  My sister Aimee owns a jeep, and my family thought she’d like to see one of the Pink Jeeps.  Hopefully that shot will be posted soon over at Foolsewood.

The walk into Honanki was pleasant.  Pretty trees, tree cover, red rock backdrops, etc.  What a scene!  And what a nice feeling!  Very relaxing indeed!

The actual ruin location was huge.  Not a small one like Palatki.  This one stretched along the base of the cliff for quite a way!  Pictographs could be found along the whole set of structures.  “Modern” pictographs could be found too (in other words, idiots wrote on the walls messing up the real pictographs).  Honestly I don’t care if Bobby loves Susie!  How could anyone deface such an amazing spot?

After our walking tours we headed back to Prescott.  A long and tiring day!  But I know everyone enjoyed the scenes.  And I was happy to share my new home with my family.  I think these places will stick with them for a long time!

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  1. Ohhh…I’ll be sure to post that Pink Jeep for Aimee!!

    And…I am one tired monkey…when did it get so exhausting to take vacations?? 😉 Actually, I’m having an amazing time getting to know your wonderful family and spending time with you…well, and with everyone. Thank you so much for including me…

    And may I take a moment to say WOWIE! Those photos totally rock Rich!

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