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So, the family is here.  And we’ve been busy.  Think I’m going to cover today?

Think again.

Let’s get yesterday….. Tomorrow morning I’ll cover today.  I’m still processing photos from today as I type, and they won’t be ready quite yet.

Right now Photoshop is choking on a huge panoramic from the Honanki Ruins site.  Will it ever finish processing?  I don’t know!  I threw a ton of shots at the program and it’s 75% of the way done (15 minutes after starting).  Heck, don’t even know if it will be worth the effort.  Just need to wait and see!

So, yesterday was a busy one.  Everyone had been riding in “the bus” for 8 days.  I wanted to make sure they didn’t have too much car time.  We headed into town for a stop by the gallery, then a walk around the square, a nice lunch, and finally a return to Point of Rocks for a walk in the Dells.  Ah yes, the Dells.

Late afternoon we all headed out for a walk.  David, Phyllis, Rose, Sadira, and yours truly.  I’ve done this dance before, and so has Sadira.  But for the rest of the gang it was all new.  Keep in mind, they’ve been seeing photos from here for more than a year and a half.  They had an idea of what was here……

Yet they had no idea!  Nobody ever does until they step out and take a look see.

We walked up my “standard” route.  It’s a favorite.  The first walk I did into the Dells was this particular route.  Basically it tells you everything you need to know about the area in a few moments time.

Vast, beautiful, granite, tan, rocky, and nothing like anything you’ve seen before!

The walk up took a little time.  Remember, I’ve been living at a mile high for a long time.  My family basically lives at sea level.  There’s a little time needed to get acclimated to the difference in elevation.  Also, it’s dry here.  Arizona you know.  So, water and air.  You’ve got to adjust!

As we made our way to Thor’s wall we stopped regularly.  Easier ways across the rocks were needed a few times.  Not everyone can put a foot up onto a picnic table and stand right up from ground level…..I always thought everyone could do that, but not so!  🙂

Once we reached the “ridge” of Thor’s Wall everyone got a good look around.  I think they liked it.  I’m pretty sure they liked it.  I asked my dad what he thought.

I couldn’t describe it to someone.  That was his general reaction.

I understand the feeling.  That’s why I find HDR so useful in this area.  It’s hard to describe in words, or depict with a standard photo.  You never get the depth, the drop offs, the changes in color and shadow with a regular shot.  So glad to have discovered HDR.  It’s added a dimension to shooting around here that was needed.

We worked our way out to the edge of Thor’s.  A good bit going on for the afternoon.  Sailboats on Watson Lake, kayaks, birds, ducks, etc.  A lot to see and take in.

Fortunately my dad brought his binoculars along.  He watched the boats.  Then Rose watched the boats.  Sadira and Phyllis chatted and walked along.  Phyllis took so many shots with her new G9 (ah yes, she’s got one).  Just a great afternoon.

Returning we took a detour to one more overlook.  Another view of the depth of the rock formations.  They stretch further than you think!

I think the introduction to the Dells went well.  We all returned to the campground exhausted.  A good walk, a great day overall, and an evening to rest.  A good time to say the least!

That’s the total wrap on yesterday complete with a few photos.  No edits, no HDRs, nothin’.  Just the shots, and only the shots.

What happened today?  I’ll update that tomorrow.  A trip to Sedona, visitng ruins, playing in the red rocks, and a good lunch…..check back, I’ll fill you in!

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  1. Your dad has nailed it on the head…there’s just not a way to describe the beauty of where we are…and YOU are right…your photographs are the closest thing I’ve ever seen to really get the feel of Arizona…

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