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What can you do?  It is after all Labor Day weekend.  My understanding…you’re not supposed to labor this weekend!  😉

The past few days have been long ones.  Lot’s of work, tons of research, and prepping for what is shaping up to be a long month.  There are more than a few irons in the fire at the moment you know.

Last week my partners and I signed several important documents.  No turning back now.  The business is becoming a reality.  Officially we’ll kick everything off October 18th, 2008.  I’ll talk more about it as the date approaches.

So, here I am on Labor Day.  What to do, what to do?  Ah, how about work?  Yes, no rest for the weary today.  Tomorrow I’ll have a day of rest.  That means laundry, groceries, and many calls regarding setting up the business.

Here’s something to look forward to…..The blog will get a little more exciting in October!  Really, it will.  See, I’ve got some time off lined up and I’ll be doing some exploring.  The Grand Canyon, maybe Page, more from Sedona and Jerome, and of course my business will launch mid-October.

Oh, and my family will be paying a visit from New England.  My dad is getting his little Class A ready to roll, and the family will be traveling across the US to see what’s really out here.  I already know what they’ll find, and I think they’ll be in awe of how large and varied this country is!

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