A quick update for the night

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Today’s post is going to be super short.  Just a little worn out!

Sedona was on schedule for the day.  A trip up to find some West Soy Italian Baked Tofu.  Wow, that’s a mouthful isn’t it?  🙂

My friend Tony decided to come along today which made the trip up fun as well.  He had an ulterior motive for coming as well.  A new Canon 40D was on schedule for him, and we stopped by Rollies so he could pick up his new camera.  Who knew?   I sure didn’t!

After hanging out at Rollies we headed over to New Frontiers, picked up my Tofu and some other items, did lunch, and then headed to Boynton Canyon.  A short hike in for a few photos.  Tony got to experiment with his camera’s setup, and I helped him create one of my favorite custom functions.  There’s a great deal you can do with a Canon!

I really dig my Canons.  So why is Nikon’s D700 on my mind so much?  Must be their slick marketing campaigns.  Of course, I don’t really watch TV, and I don’t even know if they advertise the camera.  But I’ll stick with my story that it’s a slick marketing campaign!  😉

We had some fun shooting scenes.  Along the way we met a lost hiker who just seemed to be making her own trail.  When she spotted us she made her way over and we put her back onto the right track.

So, where’s the photos tonight?  Heck, I’m still sorting them at the moment.  Maybe I’ll have some up tomorrow.

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