Two photos from yesterday’s Sedona Trip

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Last night I did a little preliminary work with my latest round of photos.  Once again, these aren’t complete yet.  I think more could be done with the shots with a little more tuning in Photomatix alone.

While I was wandering around the redrocks Tony was toying with his new camera, and apparently taking several photos of me with his zoom lens.  I’ll resize a few of those and pop them up here sometime soon.  I know you’re just dying to see my bad taste in day hiking outfit for the day!  😉

Where were these photos shot?  Near the start of Boynton Canyon.  It’s a fun hike, and it’s a super short one.  We’d run out of time to do a bigger hike for the afternoon and had to pick something short yet still cool.  Of course we could have gone to Cathedral Rock, but I hate having to pay the parking fee.  Heck, I’ve already got my National Parks Pass, and it works just about everywhere in Sedona.  Why pay to park again?  🙂

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