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I’m upright!  That’s a good thing too.

Since Monday afternoon I’ve been down with what I guess is the flu.  Full on body aches, then the sore throat, and finally the feeling of head congestion that could kill.  Ever been on a plane and your ears just won’t pop?  Yeah, that was the feeling until this morning.  I also truly enjoyed the hot and cold sweats and the constant feeling of just not finding the right temperature.  🙂

Gotta say, as a small business owner, sick days are a tough one.  I mean really tough.  Doing the right thing costs you.  And by doing the right thing I mean staying home, not exposing clients to what you’ve got, and basically closing shop for a few days.  In the old engineering days the wheels didn’t stop if I didn’t come into the office.  The rest of my staff kept right on at it.  And that was a good thing.  But now as a one man show if I don’t come in things come to a grinding halt.  And that’s exactly what has happened this week.

In total I’ve cancelled:

  • 3 different painters for reproduction work.
  • 1 four hour one on one HDR class.
  • A 2 hour composite photo shoot with a really fun family

Had to be done though.  If there’s one thing I hate it’s sick employees manning a business.  I just never get that.  If you’re sick please take a sick day and don’t share it with the rest of us.  I know you want to save your sick days for something fun, but really infecting clients and co-workers isn’t cool.

So, I’m back today.  I won’t be shaking any hands, and I won’t be having sit downs with clients.  I will be rescheduling with 5 different people, and booking a few portrait sessions for next week.  My door will remain closed as I don’t want to share this with Ian or Michaela, or anyone else through the gallery.  I think I’m safe and non-contagious, but you just never know.  Better to be cautious, right?

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