A quiet blog means I’m super busy

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My outfit for the Raven's bash on Saturday

Silent blog for many days.  Sometimes it happens.  And it’s for a good reason!  My busy season has extended from September into October, and it’s already looking like a busy November is shaping up as well.

This week the print shop / studio is already booked through Thursday.  Print clients this morning, tomorrow, a multi-hour photo session on Wednesday, and color matches on Thursday.  Whew!

No, no.....not the Paparazzi

While this past weekend was supposed to be some time off I did do one event shoot over at the Raven Cafe.  Their yearly Halloween shin dig was on Saturday, and I got to dress up “photographer” style and do the photography thing.  It was a fun time, great costumes, and a cool atmosphere.

I normally don’t do late night events.  I like to be home and unwound early, but I did manage to be a little restful during the day to get ready for the evening.

Sunday was actually a true day off.  Movies and games.  Green Lantern (cool), Captain America (cool), and a little game time on Eve.  So with one real rest day I’m ready for the busy week.

We’ll see if I can’t keep up with blogging for the whole week.  If it goes quiet you know what I’m doing.  Working for the man……

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