A Rainbow Connection

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Sometimes we don’t have the easiest days.  We’ve all been there, and today happened to be a day that I personally just wanted to end.  Finally, it was time to head home to the Airstream and work out the long day in whatever fashion I could.

One friend suggested a few hard ciders.  🙂  Ah, that would be nice, but not today.  Mentally exhausted.  So instead I came home and popped on a favorite DVD.  Mental cleansing.

Once again, like so many recent days, the clouds built all day, but in the end nothing really came of it.  This time though, the Granite Dells saw even heavier cloud cover, and I think the sky is desperately trying to get some water to our dry soil.  Shortly before sunset I noticed an odd glow against the Airstream drapes.  That yellowish orange that tells you, the sky has some drama going on.

So, I poked my head out just to see.  Off toward Granite Mountain, the sun setting, but little drama.  Toward the east, behind the Airstream, that’s where the magic was.  Walking into the rocks I picked a point to head toward and sat down.  And just as I sat down I watched something amazing happen in the distance.  Before my eyes a rainbow pulled itself together.  In addition to the rainbow?  Yeah, amazing clouds trying to get water all the way to the ground.  Not certain if it reached the ground, but you could see it making its way down.

As I watched the rain try to come down, and the rainbow cutting across the sky I remembered that song, Rainbow Connection.  Personally, I remember it being sung by Kermit the Frog, and by Willie Nelson.  And I remember a time or two when I’d catch my mom singing it around the house.  All great memories.  All things that leave you with a smile.

So, that tough day, the downer of a day?  Yeah, all put away with a simple rainbow and some amazing Arizona skies.  Thanks Mom, Kermit, and Mr. Nelson!

Now, I think it’s time to give that song a play or two.  🙂

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  1. I saw that sky too when I was out walking my dogs. Really nice, the setting sun illuminated the storm. I heard that it did rain in Prescott Valley.

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