Alright, where are the clouds?

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Ah, the clouds went and hid behind the Dells tonight.....

This afternoon while at the gallery I poked my head out now and again. And off toward the Granite Dells I saw amazing cloud builds going on. I mean the type of cloud build where it looks like someone was stacking puffy marshmallow on top of puffy marshmallow. Those marshmallows looked real good……

So, by the end of what worked out to be a very hard day at work I was looking forward to heading home and capturing some of those monsoonal clouds doing their thing…..

Go figure, by the time I left the gallery there was little left in the sky to get excited about.  Once again the monsoonal build that was starting went and petered out before I even had the opportunity to get sweaty tromping through the rocks.  Bummer.

It’s fun to watch the sky here in Arizona during monsoon season.  Trying to predict when its actually going to hit?  Yeah, I’m no meteorologist.  Although I could play one on TV.

According to the little weather widget on my Mac’s dashboard, this weekend will bring the monsoons and the much needed rain.  I really hope the widget is right, as I’m dying to get some more dramatic sky shots this month.  Been waiting patiently all year since the last monsoon season worked out to be something of a bust.  This year has got to be good!

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