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A restless weekend

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waterfall-2Ah, days off….they’re usually so relaxing, aren’t they?

Sometimes they sure aren’t, but that’s ok.  It happens that days off can beccome busier than you expect.  Like this past weekend for me.

Saturday I ran by the gallery early to do a little printing.  While I know I started my day of rest on the wrong note (running into work) I’ve got a new client that I’d really like to make happy on the first go round.  Nothing like getting prints done ahead of time for a client.

By the time I finished off the prints Ian had popped into the gallery.  And right behind him were several customers.  And several more customers.  So I stuck around for a little, meeted and greeted, and enjoyed a busy day.

Finally the morning melted into afternoon and I had to go.  Lunch was on my mind, and preparation of the Airstream for the pending trip.  I headed home and got some food together.

Mere moments into my meal my phone rang with Ian’s ring tone.  A few customers who’d asked about custom printing had returned with a portable drive.  They wanted to look through their photos with me and pick 3 images to enlarge and make gallery wraps out of.  Of course, lunch was cut short.  Small business = take every customer that needs your service.  Pretty simple equation.

After wrapping up with the customers it was near closing time.  So I lingered in the gallery.  Resizing the new client’s images, then prepping them for print on canvas.  By the time I’d finished up it was time to close.

waterfall-1Sunday was a reserved day.  Small relaxing stuff around town, shopping, and reorganizing the Airstream for travel.

I know I mention reorganizing often before a trip.  What’s to arrange you might ask?  The Airstream is a small space.  You’re right, but if you’re a full timer who’s settled into a location you allow your possessions to “spread out.”  There’s a “travel” location for many items, and packing them back where they belong, or finding new homes for those items does take time.  Let’s not forget, my trailer is bursting with books at this point!

Sadira and I had made plans to do some short fun thing for the day.  I decided on a trip to Wolf Creek to see a waterfall.  We were to depart at 11:00 a.m.  Unfortunately her mom took a spill, and she had to go check on her.  I figured I’d drive into town and meet her at the gallery.

When I arrived at the gallery Ian let me know the new clients had called.  They wanted to change an image.  Boy am I glad I didn’t print them last night! I called and arranged to meet them mid-day after my hike.  Sadira showed up shortly after the call, and asked about getting food before the walk.  No trouble.

Of course, you get delayed at times.  During our early lunch Ian called.  He was trying to process a sale on my register system (a customer was purchasing one of my prints) and he’d never done it before.  So, one more ride by the gallery.  🙂

Finally we did make it to Wolf Creek.  It was a nice day, there was lots of snow, and of course, the water fall.

So much for a weekend off and away.  No worries, I’ll be in Borrego in just a few days.  I’ll step back then.

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  2. Ah… the joys of starting your new (ad)venture. Like being a new parent, it can be at times hard and requires a dedication of 100% of your time – but someday you will look back and thank God for these days. Odd analogy, but one I can relate.

    By the way, that first photo – in my humble opinion – one of the best I have seen. Can’t wait for more Anza shots in the not-so-distant future!

  3. By the way – I’m still not comfortable with the whole triangle head thing. Although, I do hate Particle Man AND Person Man, which might explain a thing or two.

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    Actually Tom….Uh Milton….Triangle Man Hates Particle Man. They have a fight, triangle wins….Triangle Man.

    Just don’t be person man. It all goes bad for him, and you know it.

    By the way….are you really the mind behind the Monetarist movement? If so, you need to get cracking. We haven’t had a steady state of inflation or rates in forever and I fear an Atlas Shrugged moment coming on for all of us.

    Where is Jon Gault?

  5. Yeah…mom took a spill, and Sadira felt mightily sad for quite a while…luckily, hiking really took her mind off of it. I’m glad you didn’t give up and kept following me as I crawled under trees and over rocks…the falls are always worth it!

  6. That’s about the only time you find water in Prescott. I graduated from ERAU there in 1994. Between my arrival there in 1989 and leaving in 1994, the lakes in the area had water in them for one summer…
    .-= Chester Bullock´s last blog ..Landscapes =-.

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