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A setup shot, not going to be used for the client. The photos the client wants will not be posted here, he's getting the copyright for each selected image.

Last night I went “on location” for a custom shoot.  A new client wandered into the gallery the other week and really liked what I’d done with the Taxi photo from Lowell, AZ.  As a classic car collector it spoke to him, and his response was simple.  He wanted a similar photo of his own classic on canvas.

Wow, that was cool!  Seriously, it’s always nice when someone likes something so much that they want to do a similar thing with their own collector’s item.

Last night Bob and I drove over to “The Canyons”, an exclusive community in the Granite Dells.  I’ve always wanted to poke my head in to the Canyons since I live in the Dells, but I’ve never done it. We drove around for a short while and found the back drop Bob wanted, and then I got to shooting.

I’ve got to say, you couldn’t pay me to live in “The Canyons.”  I thought I’d want to live there as the homes are built in the Dells.  But after the shoot, you’ll never catch me considering a home there.  See, the houses are in the Granite Dells.  Rock formations, high points, low points, etc.  There’s a lot of obvious drainage work around the homes.  And the drainage work clearly holds water.  How do I know?  The “flock” of mosquitoes that descended on us!  Seriously, it was like being in the North Country during mosquito season!!!  So, my fantasy community is a fantasy no more!

After an hour Bob and I wrapped up.  I went home to off load photos and scratch my arms and legs for a while.  Bob went off with his super cool car to a dinner engagement.  Fun way to wrap up the day for me!

In other news, you need to check out Josh’s latest post

Josh & I went to photograph the fire dancers again the other night.  I’m still improving and I pulled out a few photos that I like.  But what I shot just isn’t on the order of the image Josh got.  I’m not even going to try and describe it.  Just go check out the post and you’ll understand!

Finally, off and running.

Ok, tomorrow I’m out of here!  Ken, Josh, Tom, and finally, yours truly will be heading up to Coyotoe Buttes South.  We’re going to try for White Pocket as well, but we’ll see how the driving is.  Whatever we settle on, I’m sure we’re going to have a good time.

The cell phone doesn’t work where we’re going.  The ham radio does, but I doubt you’ll get in touch with me that way.  If you’re dying to know where I’m at, I popped up a new widget on the side bar of the main blog page.  Just click it any time and see if I’ve sent a spot location.  Oh, and just for fun, I’ll add the new link into this post too!

I’ll be back and blogging next Tuesday.  Have a great weekend all!

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