Off site contest news – Don’t forget Canon Blogger’s Current Contest

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I thought I’d give a nod to Jason over at Canon Blogger this morning.  Each day I do my morning reading, and Canon Blogger is one of my daily reads now.

This morning’s posting is worth a look, and Jason also included a reminder about his latest contest.  The contest is totally worthwhile, and I wanted to remind readers here who are photo nuts, now is the time to win a really cool prize pack.  A Think Tank system and the full Topaz suite.  Heck, I don’t even have the full Topaz suite, so I’d like to win.  Oh, and I entered.

Why would I encourage competition in a contest that I’ve entered you might ask?  Simple, I’d like to see a ton of entries for Jason to sort through!  It’s always fun to have a big response to any contest, or anything you do on your blog for that matter.  So, get over to Canon Blogger, find out about the contest, and enter to win!

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  1. Thanks for the post recommending Cannon Blogger. It’s another I’ll load into Google Reader! Have fun on the upcoming trek. Looking forward to seeing some more good shots from you!

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