The Airstream workstation is complete

A video on our Airstream remodel

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Well, here it is!  The wrap up on the new Airstream workstation here at the Airstream Chronicles.  Less than a week ago the project was started.  Good bye dinette, hello super awesome work desk.

I haven’t done many Airstream videos lately, instead we’ve covered travel locations for Living In Tin.  So I’m happy to share a little video of the Airstream today and what we’ve done.  Working from here is going to be a lot easier now.  It truly is a mobile office / tiny home now!

At some point I’ll post more photos of the storage area created by the changes as well.  But I’m still working through where I want to put everything.  We’ve got the room now, so it’s all about organization.

Enjoy the video!  And if my talking about what we did is boring you terribly, just fast forward past me and get to the walk through.  Oh, and excuse the mess, I decided to shoot the video spur of the moment.  It lets you see what a “lived in” Airstream looks like.  🙂

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