The Airstream workstation is complete

The Airstream Workspace Is Complete!

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Let’s see, I’ve been operating out of the Airstream since the Spring of 2006.  A few interruptions here and there, but basically full time since 2006.  And here we are in 2015 now.  That’s 9 years with the Airstream…..and it’s dinette that I used for my workspace.  But today the Airstream has a new workspace!  About time.

My Airstream is a 2004 Safari Six Sleeper.  The couch pulls out into a bed, the dinette converted into a bed, and of course, there’s a bedroom in the back.  Today it is no longer a 6 sleeper, it’s a 4 sleeper.  And that’s fine by me.

While the dinette was functional, and it was big enough to seat 4, it rarely did that.  Instead it played its role as my workspace for years.  And it wasn’t very good at that.  The cushions went over time, the space for setting up my computers was limited, and it didn’t really get used as a dinette.  For years I’d been wanting to remove it and replace it with a real workspace.  And now I have!

Here’s the big thing.  I had worried about how much this project would cost.  But fortunately my good friend Don Rantz was a cabinet maker in his last life.  In his current life he’s an incredible Pastel artist!  Last year he had offered to help re-do my work area, but we never got around to it.  Glad to say we finally found the time!  He saved me the labor cost completely (and he’s gotten some web stuff from me), and the materials came in under $200.  Amazing!

Fortunately this project didn’t cost a lot.  Last Friday I learned my rear axle on the passenger side of the Titan is shot, and the rear driver side axle is in trouble too.  So the universe still gets to make me spend too much money.  $1,600 for the work…..  🙁  So I’m extremely glad this renovation was reasonable on the cost front!

Well, there’s the wrap.  And now I’m off to enjoy my new workspace before it’s bed time!

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