Adding clients makes me a happy guy

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Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself adding to my client list. And that’s an extremely good thing. Adding clients means one thing…….

The business may yet survive!

The newest clients?  George and Marcia Molnar.  A few weeks ago I did a reproduction of one of Marcia’s paintings and it did look really nice.  Marcia was pleased, and that made me even more happy.  Nothing like happy clients.  Well, I strive to make them all happy!  🙂

Since doing Marcia’s first set of reproductions (2 30×40″ and one 18×24″), we’ve added several more of that first painting.  And both George and Marcia have brought several more images in.  They’re keeping me busy on the scanning and color matching side, which is all good.  This morning I finished scanning one of George’s paintings that makes me want to print it right now!  I love the colors and I can’t wait to see what the HP can do on this one!!!

One new set of clients? Filabusta! This was a test shot that was kind of odd, but I liked the result

In addition to the Molnars, I just finished several repros for the Yavapai Humane society.  They’re having a fund raiser soon, and they’ll be offering up 3 canvas reproductions along with 3 Optica One reproductions as well.  Very exciting stuff!

Beyond painters who I’m reproducing for, I’ve added other clients.  Photo print clients and folks who’ve had me do photographic work for them.  Not to mention the requests I’ve been getting for portrait work…….I need a studio space.

Overall, it’s the new and old clients that are keeping me going.  Hopefully I can survive growing this business, and the wrecked economy.  Only time will tell.  To all my clients……thank you for your faith and encouragement.  You guys are helping me to keep moving forward.  It’s more than appreciated!

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  1. Rich, You’re too good not to survive… and under normal economic circumstances suspect you’d be at the top of the heap!

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