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Lightroom 3 is here! And everybody’s writing about it

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Okay, yesterday every photo blog I read talked about Lightroom 3. So, fighting the urge to join in I decided not to say anything about it. Plus……I spent half my day working on color matches of several paintings.  It was time consuming, and I thought, “I’ll be the only guy writing about Lightroom 3 tomorrow.”

That will make me popular.  🙂

Once I started reading (everywhere) that the full version of Lightroom 3 was available I headed over to, logged in, and then clicked on the discount link to Adobe.  See, members of NAPP get discounts with many companies including Adobe.  Why pay full price if you don’t have to?  Right???

I popped over to Adobe’s website and made my order.  Quick, clean, and easy.  The download didn’t take too long, the program isn’t as big as something like, well, Photoshop.  In no time the full version of Lightroom 3 was installed.  And Adobe happily received payment from me.

Speaking of payment, it’s been a few weeks since I had to “return” my Photoshop CS5 order to Adobe because I wasn’t eligible to upgrade just Photoshop.  I’ve stupidly been buying the full suites before, and have to upgrade the full suite.  Well, that is the rule for me, but not for other people. Last week I got a bunch of e-mails from Adobe about my return, where it was in the return process, etc.  Finally, I got a note that my refund was approved and I’d get it soon.  Well, the money still isn’t back in my account.  It’s amazing that when you make a purchase it’s instantly taken from your account.  Need a credit?  Yeah, that’s gonna take a while.  I sure hope the funds hit my account at some point.  🙂

Whew!  Sorry for the aside, just thought I’d update you on that situation.  Back to Lightroom 3.

I’ve been running the Lightroom 3 Betas for a while.  And I’ve been loving it.  Especially the print module (I do lots of prints).  Who would have thought that Lightroom could help manage my print workflow even more!  Well, it can!

June 20th is the first Intro to Lightroom class that I’m teaching at The Art Store here in Prescott.  We’ll be working with the full version of LR3 now.  Of course, I’ll have LR2 on the laptop as well.  Folks need to see something in either program?  Got that covered.

So everybody, LR3 is out there!  And it’s a fantastic!  This upgrade is worthwhile, and there’s nothing confusing about the upgrade rules.  If you’re a LR fan, you’re going to love this version!

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