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After years in the desert….my new Drobo!

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The desert of data storage solutions that is! Finally I’ve come out of the desert!


My new Drobo, shot with the IPhone

September is always a good month.  And I’ve been wanting to re-invest a little in the business.  So last week I ordered my first Drobo in for the studio.  About darned time if you ask me.

3 years now doing what I do.  Printing, painting reproductions, creating a cool color matching empire here in Arizona.  And the whole time I’ve been without a Drobo.  There have been drive failures in the three years.  Fortunately I’d back up one external drive to another.  So I’ve never suffered real data loss.  But it’s always been a concern.  And with over 1TB of client files on hand I’ve been dreaming of a Drobo!

Over the past few months Drobo has been running contests giving away free devices.  Unfortunately I haven’t won any.  But that’s okay.  With a productive month here at the studio I decided it was time to pull the trigger and buy a new one.  🙂

Gotta say, installation of the Drobo was super simple.  You don’t need to be a network engineer to follow the simple 3 steps to get your Drobo up and running.  Better yet?  Popping new drives into the Drobo is about as simple as it can be!  My system came with 2 1.5TB drives.  I’m thinking about swinging by Best Buy and getting 2 more drives to finish it out.  Larger drives of course!  🙂

I really don’t have too much to say on performance yet.  I’m currently transferring data from two external drives to the Drobo.  Those drives will be retired to an off site location for storage.  Just in case.

In a few weeks I’ll report in and tell you how the Drobo is doing!

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  1. Hey Rich, have you ever looked at automated online backup companies? I just started using carbonite. So far so good. As for the extra drives, deffinatly order from or similar… online retailers will dominate pricing from a brick and mortar for storage.

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