Airstream Winter Camping Made Easy

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The Airstream in a deep freeze

Every day I take a look at the web statistics here on my site.  And one of the things I review regularly is how people found the website (the search terms).  Lately I’ve had a lot of referrals based on the words “Winter, Camping, Airstream.”  Some more search terms as well, but you get the idea.

Given how many years I’ve full timed in the Airstream I think I’ve got a good grasp on over wintering in my Safari.  I’ve been through snow storms, deep freezes, bad weather in general…..  So yes, I think I can help folks with what to do during the winter months.  Actually, it’s a simple two step process that I’ll share with you right now.

  1. Hook up your Airstream (or any other RV depending on what you own).
  2. Go somewhere warmer.

If you follow these two simple steps you will find that winter camping is a snap!


I had forgotten this simple two step plan until I hooked up and headed south this week.  Freezing in Prescott every morning for the past month I felt a little wimpy when it came to winter camping.  But since I’ve headed into warmer regions I’ve realized I’m a total champ at winter camping!

This is somewhat tongue and cheek here folks.  And yes, I do have lots of experience over wintering in colder climates.  But really, if you want to make it super easy on yourself, go somewhere warm.  It works.  And since you’ve got an RV you can relocate!


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  1. I am interested in winter camping w a 2012 International Serenity in Wyoming and Montana. I am wondering what kind of retrofits are necessary to be functional in -10F.



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