Palm Canyon, Anza Borrego

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This morning we took a little hike into Palm Canyon.  It’s been 5 years since I’ve been here, and a lot can change in 5 years.  Fortunately the walk into Palm Canyon was as beautiful as ever.  Hot too, but hey the Airstream is parked in the desert, what else should I expect?


This scene is what the word “desert” brings to mind.

When I think of Borrego my mind immediately turns to the “Badlands.”  Crazy sand / rock formations that off roaders love.  And I think of Salton Sea, grungy photos, and areas that feel super desolate.  But walking into Palm Canyon reminds me that even in a desert, an oasis is possible.


As you enter Palm Canyon you get to read the warning signs (literally).  Bring water, the canyon gets hot, danger Will Robinson, Danger.  And as you set off, yes it’s a dry warm canyon.  But as you make your way further in you see green plants.  And during early spring, provided some rain makes it here, you’ll see amazing blooms.  Of course, we’re too early for that this year.


Getting further into the canyon you might just hear frogs chirping away.  That’s right, I said frogs.  As we got closer to the stand of palms in the canyon I kept hearing a couple of frogs chattering away to each other.  Frogs in the desert, who knew?


Finally, arriving at the small stand of palms you’ll hear rushing water.  Sure, it isn’t the Colorado River, but it’s water all the same.  Everything near the spring is lush and green.  A surprise for first time visitors I’m sure.  One small spring is all it takes.


As you make your way back out of the canyon the vegetation eases off, the signs of water disappear, and soon you’re back out looking at the desert.  But if you need the lush green vegetation and cool shaded spots, Palm Canyon offers a short hike back in.



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