Slab City and beyond

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Today was an epic driving day without the Airstream in tow.  Every trip to Borrego I’ve always said to myself, “Sometime I need to check out Slab City,” and I never did.  Until today.

Driving around Salton Sea takes a while.  Bigger than you might think.  And over on the Eastern side (the Airstream is on the West side) lies “Slab City.”

Strange place.  Salvation Mountain is there.  It’s a constructed mountain, and the gentleman who created it has since passed on.  But now volunteers help to maintain the site, and rebuild parts that have been broken over the years.

Today I met Phillip.  He and his wife just arrive at Slab City last night.  And they’ll be spending the next 3 months helping to take care of Salvation Mountain, and rebuild broken parts.  Interesting task to say the least.  It looks like there’s some repair work needed, and general maintenance must take a good bit of time as well.

They’re new full time RV’ers.  And they’re settling into the full time lifestyle.  With their arrival at Slab City they are now getting to experience boondocking for the first time as well.  It’s different, that’s for sure.  But it can also be a ton of fun.  So I hope they enjoy the experience.

Driving through Slab City was interesting too.  RVs, vans, tents….just sprinkled throughout the desert.  People over winter there, and some people full time in the area.  Some people almost seem to be squatting their locations, as the barbed wire and signs saying “Site Occupied” speak volumes.  Like I said, interesting!

And yes, I did take photos today.  And no, not posting tonight.  Exhausted by a full day of driving, and off to have dinner with Bill & Larry before they pack up and head home.

With that….off to dinner!

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