Desert Dry Camping

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Yesterday the Airstream was moved from Anza Borrego State park back out into the surrounding desert area.  Initially the thought was to return to last week’s boon docking spot, but driving by I saw several “Toy Hauler” RV’s and figured it would be best not to park in the middle of their off road track.  A fair number of folks come out with their quads, ATVs, dirt bikes, etc, to have a little fun in the badlands.

Going further down the road a small group of Airstreams were parked in the desert.  Spotted a site near them and voila.  Home for the evening.

As it turns out, one of the Airstreams present is owned by Malimish, and we’d been chatting on social media for days.  They sent a message in the afternoon with an invite to join them in the evening, and I asked them if their group was just behind me.  Sure enough, I’d parked a few hundred yards away from them.  Neat!

It was fun meeting the small group of Airstreamers last night.  I finally met Brian and Leigh, friends of Rich Luhr who I’ve known since 2004 (whenever I type dates I feel old).  Bert had mentioned them now and again too, so interesting to finally meet them.

A good part of the evening was spent socializing and chatting.  Pleasant to be sure.  There was even a fire pit and some good old fashioned camp fire guitar playing and singing.  Given the fact I can’t carry a tune I totally abstained from even attempting to sing.

Currently as I’m writing this post I’m waiting for my network to connect.  Not the best service here compared to the old spot.  Ah well, it’s only home for a few days and it’s okay if I can’t connect here.  I’ll be in town later and can upload the post then.

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