An evolving layout for the Airstream Chronicles Continued

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DCIM106GOPROI’m in an experimentation phase.  And I’m trying a new layout because of it.  I haven’t started customizing things yet, but I have started the process.

I don’t think this new layout runs too far from what I’ve been using since 2008.  But it could be jarring to long term readers.  So, tell me (I know you all send private messages instead of comments and that’s okay), what do you think?

In a week the Airstream will be hitting the road again.  This time we’re off to Georgia.  But before I roll out I’d like to have the web update completed.  So I really do want input.  Should we finally “evolve” this site, or keep it the way it’s been for 6 years now?

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  1. If you feel the press to try something new, to change something or to tweak something – DO IT! Even the smallest change will give you fresh perspective and that’s what keep you digging for the stuff you love.

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