Please oh please….don’t touch me

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The web spammers are really working hard this week.  I use a few anti-spam tools that work pretty well, but somehow this week they seem to be getting around the protective measures.  Tonight I got a most interesting comment on one of my images.  The following comment was provided on the image, which makes absolutely no sense, and honestly gave me the creeping willies!

Awesome issues here. I am very glad to see your article.

Thank you a lot and I’m looking ahead to touch you. Will you please drop me a

Spammers try to make their comments look like real comments.  And they provide their e-mail and web address.  The whole point is to get you to link to them via their comment.  But when they offer to “touch you” in their spammy comments it’s pretty clear that they’re spam.  Or they’re just a little odd.  Either way, their comment gets moved to the spam box.

I feel dirty now just acknowledging their desire to touch me.  I need a hot shower and a lot of soap……..

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