I thought it was supposed to be sunny at the Airstream!

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A gray July morning on Manchaug Pond.

A gray July morning on Manchaug Pond.

Yesterday I comforted myself with the fact that Intellicast said it would be a sunny day here in Massachusetts.  Gray skies dominated yesterday, and I was looking forward to some sun.  You know, the glowing ball of light in the sky?  Yeah, so going to bed last night I said to myself, “well tomorrow will be sunny and bright.”

Where I’m camped right now in Holbrooks has some pretty large shade trees.  Keeps the Airstream cooler, but it does make the Airstream feel like a dark cave at times, especially on a dark gray day.  So waking up this morning I found that it was still pitch black in the Airstream.  Clearly I was up too early….and then I checked the iPad.  7:00 a.m.

A little before 8 a.m. it started to drizzle.  Obviously my Intellicast forecast was a little off.  So I hit the Intellicast App and checked it out.  The sun might make an appearance before bed time.  Bummer.  According to the latest glance at the App we might see some sun around 7 p.m.!  Bigger bummer!

Fortunately Friday was a sunny day, and the bulk of the day was spent on the ocean in Rhode Island.  So I’ve seen some sun recently, and that’s a positive.

Another positive (I suppose if we’re looking for silver linings in clouds) is the fact that with all the rain I’ve seen in New England, I have not seen any leaks inside the Airstream.

That’s a big plus after owning it for 10 years.  I’ve read a lot about leak issues from other Airstreamers over the years, and I’m happy to say I only had one leak when the Airstream was brand new.  After purchasing it in the Spring of 2004 and pulling it to my home in New Hampshire it rained for days.  And at the time we were pretty excited about the Airstream, so we were in it every day even though it was parked in the driveway.  Within a few days of getting it home we noted water coming into the kitchen from our little monitor station (black water, gray water, and battery panel).  Once the rain stopped I got up to the roof and searched around.  A rivet had been double tapped on the roof, leaving a half-moon hole next to the rivet.  Some caulk (lots of caulk), and voilà, no more leak.

Given that the Airstream spends a lot of time in desert states I don’t get a lot of opportunity to see if any leaks have developed.  The past month and a half here has given me an extreme test, and the results are positive.  So there’s my silver lining for all the gray wet days!

My mind keeps wandering back to those permanently sunny days in Borrego!

My mind keeps wandering back to those permanently sunny days in Borrego!

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