And just like that, October is here!

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The summer season is definitely gone! October is here, and with it cooler temperatures are already descending on the Airstream. Seriously, the temperature has dropped a good bit today, and a lot of rain is in our forecast. Things do change quickly these days don’t they?

Over the past week I’ve been working hard on my latest online photography course.  Quite an ambitious one too.  Covering cameras from smart phones to DSLRs, this course is going to be a long one that I hope offers a lot of value to potential students.  And go figure, this upcoming week promises a lot of rain, so it looks like my outdoor shooting will be curtailed for a bit.  The final outdoor videos I need to make are with my Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, and the Sony A5100.  I don’t think I want to take any of them out into a downpour.

The past week’s Airstream Podcast

The Airstream Chronicles Podcast is chugging right along I’m happy to say!  Instead of putting all of the individual links up this time I think I’ll include the main link to Anchor, and you’re welcome to scroll through the last 5 podcasts.  🙂

What got covered last week?  A few fun topics?

  • Too old for the Internet?  I don’t think so, but many small business owners make the mistake of discounting Internet usage when it comes to people over 65.
  • Do you care about smartphone tech specs?  Personally I don’t.  Does my iPhone do what I need it to do?  Yes?  Move on.  No?  Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Small business owners gamble on themselves every day.  Seriously, running your own small business you have to have some faith in yourself.  I’m sure many people out there can understand that one.
  • Two tips for sharing your travels online.  You don’t need a full website, be posting to Facebook every 15 minutes, or get drip fed information through Twitter.  Instagram is a great way to quickly share the latest travel adventures with your friends and family.  Want to get a little more complex?  Try doing a podcast, it’s not as time consuming as writing blog posts or producing YouTube videos.
  • The RV Winter Migration.  It’s that time of year again.  Snowbirds (RVers) are heading to warmer climates before winter sets in.

To see all these topics and more on the Airstream podcast click the link below.

Check out the latest online courses from the Airstream Chronicles

As I mentioned above, the latest online course is coming along nicely.  And when it finally gets released to the public I’ll be sure to let you know here, and pass along a link and coupon for readers here.  In the meantime, there are currently 3 courses out on Udemy at the moment.  Clicking this link will show you all 3 classes.

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