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Prescott Arizona Drone Photography Watson LakeHere we are, Monday September 17th, and I have a lot of catching up to do.  I totally forgot last weekend’s re-cap, but that’s okay.  Today’s post will get you all caught up with the Airstream Chronicles.

Learn Lightroom, Drone Photography, and Website Building

As of today I have 3 courses up on Udemy, and I’m working on course number 4 as well.  Developing these classes is an interesting process, and I’ve learned a lot from my first course launch last year, X Theme and WordPress for beginners.

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own customized website with WordPress and X Theme, this particular class will guide you through it.  And I’ve gotten some amazing feedback from students.  Reviews currently have the class at 4.8 out of 5 stars.  And one recent reviewer had the following to say:

Excellent course….very well presented. Probably the best Udemy course I have taken.

If you’re interested in learning more, and getting a discount from the regular class price click the linked image below.  Normally $95 for the class, right now it’s only $15 for readers of this blog.

X Theme classes for beginners Prescott AZ

Only a few weeks ago I launched my second course on Udemy covering Drone Photography. While you can produce some amazing video with drones, I still think still photography has a place in the world. And this class covers it well. Students will learn how to shoot with their drone, and edit their final results afterward.  The course is 8 hours in length to cover the normal questions that people have when starting a deeper dive into photography and editing.

For readers of this blog this class is only $10 for a limited time.  The class is normally $70, and for 8 hours of instruction I think you’ll agree the discount is well worth it.

Prescott Arizona Drone Photography classes

The final class that launched last week is one that I’m super excited about.  It’s my Lightroom Workflow class for beginners.  I’ve been using Lightroom since 2008 to manage my photos, edit photos, and share so many images here on the blog over the years.  For a few years I taught this class in person at the Prescott Art Store.  And at the end of the course I always gave my students a DVD covering the entire in person course.

This new Lightroom workflow class covers what my old in person course covers.  And right now I’m offering this course to readers at a great discount as well.  For a limited time this class is offered for $10 (50% off its normal price).

Learn Lightroom today on my online classes

So, I think you can see, I’ve been busy over the last few weeks.  There’s part of my excuse for missing my Sunday update last week, and I think it’s a good one!

The Podcast Continues!

Along with the new classes, I’ve been busy with the daily podcast over at  I’ve been doing a daily podcast now for almost 2 months.  And I’m satisfied with where it’s going.  Some talk about building my business from the Airstream, some tech talk, a few random episodes, and a few camping stories for listeners.  The whole intent of the podcast is to show that whether you’re a full time RV’er, or you’re living a more conventional life, the daily stuff is the same for all of us.  Work, family, and day to day life go on no matter where you live.

What were the last 5 episodes about?  Read below to learn more, and if you’d like you can listen to each show as well.

Episode 40 – Sometimes even Internet presence can’t get you found

Building your business in the middle of nowhere doesn’t sound like a great idea. Building a business in the middle of nowhere with no amenities around even sounds worse. Sometimes not even Internet presence can fix things for you if nobody is searching for you. There’s got to be a reason why someone is searching for you, and if you don’t provide them any reasons it’s going to be a tough sell.

Episode 39 – Camping Stories – The Vermillion Cliffs and the Grand Staircase

It’s Friday!!! And on Fridays my thoughts often turn to travel. Today we’ll talk about an amazing set of locations. The Vermillion Cliffs and The Grand Staircase. Most likely you’ve seen images from both locations, but never knew their names. Not the most convenient places to RV, but amazing places to explore!

Episode 38 -Apple’s Keynote 2018 & Instagram Photos

Today’s episode recaps yesterday’s Apple Keynote 2018. Was there anything super interesting to me when it comes to mobile tech for my Full Time Airstream Living?

Also on today’s show I talk about businesses re-using Instagram photos from other Instagramers. For some reason channels built on other people’s photos bothers me. If someone is promoting their business with your images, does that bother you too?

Episode 37 – Learn New Skills While On The Road – Online Classes

Continuing on the recent theme, today we’ll talk about the value of online courses for highly mobile people. If you’re on the road with your RV, or trying out the Vanlife, or maybe you’re a world traveler, you don’t need to be in one location to learn new skills. Online classes have come a long way over the years, and if there’s a subject you’re interested in, there’s probably an online course that covers your topic.

Episode 36 – Remembering September 11th

Today’s episode is a short one. No tech talk, no mobile devices, no drones. Just a short episode remembering what happened on September 11th.

Wrapping up on a few busy weeks

So as you can see, busy times here at the Airstream Chronicles.  As promised, I will keep posting here a few times a month to catch you up.  I know there are several regular readers that still follow along only here.  But as you can tell, there are a few other places to check in.  The podcast of course, Udemy to see my latest classes, and YouTube as well, although it’s only updated a few times a month as well.

So, there’s all the recent news from the Airstream Chronicles!

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