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Prescott Drone Photographer Rich Charpentier AZ DroneIt’s been an incredibly busy time here at the Airstream Chronicles.  New podcasts from the week, testing out a new aerial imaging platform (in other words a drone), and launching my latest class at Udemy.

First how about we talk about the new class?  I’ve spent many weeks compiling this course, taking a lot of drone photos, editing a lot of video, and the course is finally good to go.  It was approved on the last day of August 2018, and I’m pretty darned excited.

If you’re interested in flying a drone, and you’re also interested in improving your photography with your drone, this new class might be just what you need.  The title of the course says it all.  “Drone Photography And Image Editing With Lightroom And More!”  And right now the class is being offered at a substantial discount for readers here, on my podcast, and my YouTube followers as well.  The link above will get you right to the class for only $20.  That discount is open to the first 100 signups, and after that it’s back to $69.99.  So if you’ve got an interest in stepping up your drone photography, check the course out.

Podcast news for the end of August 2018

Monday August 27th

Normally I talk about working from my RV. In today’s episode we’re talking with Kevin, He’s a full time RV’er traveling with his wife and two daughters. He’s also a “Traveling Nurse,” and we talk about how he’s doing with the full time life style after nearly a year on the road.

As I always point out, there are many ways to work and travel. And traveling nursing is one way many people are doing it. I’ve met many traveling nurses since 2006, and it’s an avenue for many people who want to Full Time RV and see the country!

Tuesday August 28th

Early 2018 my friends Josh & Leigh visited one of my favorite locations in Arizona. The Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. They had the opportunity to visit “The Wave,” and camp near The Wave at State Line Campground, right on the AZ / UT border. I can’t tell you how surprised I was to get text messages and photos from them. See in years gone by there was no mobile communication from the area.

It left me feeling like that super remote wilderness experience was somehow now diminished. Today I talk about that feeling, and invite you to chime in on whether or not having your cell phone work in a total wilderness harms your experience or improves it.

Wednesday August 29th

This has been a summer of doctor appointments. General practitioners, endocrinologists, allergists, ear nose and throat docs, neurologists, and a ton of misplaced paperwork. How is it that I can hand deliver paperwork to a physician’s office and then receive a call weeks later that the paperwork is lost. And also that my GP needs to redo my authorization to see a referral as they misplaced that too? It doesn’t inspire confidence. Not at all.

As we move forward into the 21st Century I sincerely hope that we can see improvement in the medical community, it’s a pretty big mess from my perspective. Let’s hope I get my issues resolved soon!

Thursday August 30th

Okay, okay. Another drone podcast? Heck yeah, it’s part of my business that I run out of the Airstream. And wow, if you’re interested in a small portable and powerful drone platform to bring along with you in your RV, backpack, etc, I’m thinking the Mavic 2 is it.

I’ve gotten a couple of flights in now. And I can say for a fact that the still images coming out of the new sensor are stunning. Shooting in camera RAW the images look great before even thinking about an edit. And now we’ve got Aperture control on this one!!! F/2.8 through F/11. This is a total game changer for aerial images coming from such a small drone!

Friday August 31st

We’re already at Episode 29 here at the Airstream Chronicles Podcast. I have to say, I’m extremely excited that this channel is coming along so well! Thanks to all of you listeners here we’re growing!

In today’s episode I do a little recap on this weeks shows. They’re a good example of what I’m trying to achieve here. Showing you a real RV lifestyle. Many YouTube channels out there paint full time RV’ing as super exciting, full of travel, and the real world doesn’t pop up often. In truth, full time RV living is just like any other type of living. Before you quit your job and sell your home to set out, be sure you have realistic expectations!

So, there’s the latest podcasts from August of 2018.  Today is Saturday September 1st, and once I hit publish on this post I’ll be enjoying a much needed weekend off!

Have a happy Labor Day weekend everyone!  And travel safe!




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