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Monday through Friday every week I’ll be doing a daily podcast.  And for those of you who might miss out on an episode or two I’ll make sure to post a weekly wrap up post here on the topics covered so you can catch up on anything you missed.

Monday August 20th Podcast Show Description

Just because you’re a full time RV’er, or you work for yourself, or you run a small remote business with employees scattered across the country, what you do has value. Don’t devalue what you bring to the table because of the lifestyle you’ve chosen.

Today’s topic comes up after a conversation with a friend about someone wanting to use one of their photos in a new book. The book’s author is contacting people on Instagram and other platforms looking for free images for his new book, which he will be charging money for. The offer is he’ll give photographers “Exposure” for their portfolios in his book. Nice right? That’s like offering the Home Depot “Exposure” for giving you free wood for your new home build! What you do has value, never forget that!

Tuesday August 21st Podcast Show Description

If you’re looking for a super portable drone platform to use in your travels I can’t recommend the DJI Mavic Pro enought. And hopefully soon I’ll be recommending the Mavic Pro 2 as well!

Flying the Mavic Pro for the last year I can say I’m extremely satisfied with the drone overall. I only have 2 major gripes. No aperture control, and the fact that my sensor leans to the “cool” side in color temperature. Both things that I can work around at the moment.

Wednesday August 22nd – Some Hate for a YouTube Video I made a year ago!

More than one year ago I did a short video on working with a new RV Park in Springerville AZ. The park was not completed at the time, nor is it today. 44 sites out of more than 100 sites have full hookups at the moment, and to help fund the continued construction of the park those sites are open. In the video I talked about what was and wasn’t available. And in the past month people have discovered the video, and unleashed their really negative comments about it.

What’s with all the hate folks? If you’d like to see the video, here’s the link.

Sometimes I think it’s too easy to say things on social media behind the wall of anonymity.

Thursday August 23rd – What’s on your smartphone?

Today we talk about the apps I use the most on my iPhone. What I use and what you use are probably very different. I thought I’d share what I’m using to give you an idea of my priorities. I’d love to hear what you’re using on your smart mobile devices. Feel free to leave an audio comment on this post, or drop me a direct e-mail. I mention my email address in the episode.

Friday August 24th – DJI Mavic 2 Pro Event

Well, Fridays are supposed to be for random camping stories, RV’ing stories, and other random information. But today I’ve got to extend my tech talk so I can cover DJI’s announcement yesterday. The new Mavic Pro 2 is coming out, and I’m too excited about it to let this one pass.

In addition to talking about DJI’s announcement, I have a small announcement here as well. In the next few weeks I’ll be publishing my latest class to Udemy. The class will be on Drone Photography and Editing specifically. There are many courses out there on Drone Flight and Video, but there’s not a lot out there for those of us still interested in still photography.

Other places to follow me

In addition to the new podcast which has been being produced for a little over 3 weeks now, there are other places to keep up with the Airstream Chronicles.  YouTube, Instagram, and Udemy are the places you can find me as I’m actively working on each of those locations each week.  Below are the links to each project.

YouTube Channel:  Rich Charpentier YouTube Channel

Instagram:  LivinginTin Instagram

Udemy Online Classes:  X Theme For Beginner Class


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