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The Airstream Blog Is Back?

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For the last few months I’ve been focusing on several different projects here at the Airstream Chronicles.  As I announced a few months ago I started working more on my YouTube Channel.  And while the channel has grown I’ve found that I’m unable to get more regular updates out on the channel.  The bottom line is simple…..

Making YouTube videos is really time consuming!  To make the types of videos I’d like to post is a very time consuming project!  So, I’ve shifted gears and rethought what it is I’m up to.

Airstream Blog full time rv living podcats

Years ago I included a regular podcast on the blog.  And I always enjoyed doing the podcasts.  So the podcasts are coming back, and in a big way!  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with, a relatively new podcasting platform.  What’s really cool about the platform is that you can link it to so many podcasting applications out there.  That means the reach of the podcast can grow a lot faster.  And that gives subscribers multiple ways to keep up with each show.

Since launching the new “Airstream Chronicles Podcast” on Anchor’s platform I’ve been doing daily audio shows Monday – Friday.  Haven’t missed a day yet.  See, I start my day out by doing a new podcast before I jump into the rest of the day’s work.  And I’m covering a host of topics about mobile tech for RV’ers, working from your RV, camping stories, and a Wild Card Wednesday that you’ll never know what to expect.  The podcast is going well.

Airstream Blog Full Time RV Living and working

So what’s next here at the Airstream Chronicles Blog?

Simply put, I’ll be pooling everything here.  Look forward to more frequent updates (several times per month) which tie back to my latest multimedia projects.  There will be regular YouTube updates on that channel, so be sure to subscribe there.  And if you’d like, tune in to the daily show on as well.  You can subscribe to the daily podcast on many different podcast platforms, so if you have a favorite you can subscribe there.

This blog will be a funnel for the most important stuff.  And a place where I start popping up photography once again!

DJI Mavic Pro HDR testing

Shot with the DJI Mavic Pro Drone and edited with Aurora HDR

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