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It’s been a while since this site has had an update.  I’ve been extremely busy working on the new YouTube channel and posting a lot of content over there.  But as one long time reader here pointed out, he likes to come here for updates and doesn’t usually stop by YouTube.  With that in mind, I can bring the new YouTube content here as well.  Below you’ll find a playlist for part of the content on my new YouTube Channel.  Mobile Tech, Mobile Home, Mobile Living.


Why make a channel on YouTube???

There are several reasons, but one primary one.  After actively blogging for so long and finding that even during the high point of this site that there was no real financial reward for all of the work, I decided to switch to a more monitizable format.  That’s right, I’m actually looking to earn some revenue off of the content I share.  Crazy, right?

Not really.  When you read about folks playing games full time and earning 6 figure salaries, and then you look at all of the information and content you’ve shared over the years, it kind of makes you make a face.  Maybe a slightly sour face.  While this blog has never been as popular as folks making videos of their game play, it has still had quite a sizable following for years and I found that there was no real return on providing so much content.  Way back this site was getting updates daily.  And when I found that all the work only brought thumbs ups, likes, and people downloading my copyrighted images for their screen savers and their own websites…..  I hit that burn out point.

With the ongoing video revolution online, things are changing.  Streaming, YouTube, Podcasts.  Their all hitting on all cylinders at the moment.  Sadly I was ahead of the game in 06 and 07′.  For long time followers you may recall a video series on the Airstream Chronicles.  In 06′ I had no “Go Pro” available to me.  But I did have a Canon Digital Elph, and a rigged up dashboard camera setup for it.  And let me tell you, those videos were very popular, but also time consuming.

Since video is now becoming extremely accessible to all of us, I decided why not give it a go?  There’s not much to lose, and plenty to gain.  So here we are.

Going forward I’ll make sure to update here at least once a month with links to the latest videos and play lists.  So for those of you who enjoy stopping by here now and then, you’ll have a new reason to stop in once more!

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