And now for something completely different

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Last year I did a family photo session before Christmas.  Mom & Dad, daughter & son-in-law.  We had a good time, and everyone enjoyed themselves.  At the end of our outdoor shoot Devon (the daughter) asked if I would photograph her newborn in a few months.  She and her husband were expecting their first child.

Given the fact that I found them to be a nice family I said okay.  It’s not my usual photography, but I knew I could pull it off.

Of course, glitches always come up and you work with them.  Our glitch on Saturday?  Kayden was having none of this paparazzi.  The moment we set her down on the bean bag she was wide awake.  And she prefers being held to being set down (according to both her parents).  So we worked with her as best we could, and got some images here and there.  When we wrapped up I offered to meet them on Sunday and take a second crack at getting a sleepy newborn.  They took me up on the offer.

Sunday we had more luck.  Kayden slept soundly for the first 20 minutes and we were able to get some of those cutsie sleeeping newborn images.  But after 20 minutes?  Ah yes, wide awake once more.  But this time around she decided she didn’t mind a few more photos.

Every new client is an adventure.  Even ones who aren’t a month old yet!

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