Well isn’t that something?

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Several years ago while in Coyote Buttes South I came across a formation that made me do a double take.  One of the rocks sitting on the slickrock had eroded in place in a cool fashion.

The colored banding really caught my attention.  And the lines cutting right through the smaller stone matching with the larger slickrock area was too cool to pass up.  It’s so cool that I’m not the only person to think so…….

Reading through the recent National Geographic article on the Vermillion Cliffs I found an image from the author of the same stone.  To see it click here.  Pretty neat, eh?  😉

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  1. It’s always cool to see that your ideas or creative impulses are echoed in the works of others! I’ve had similar exuberance myself, but congrats are definitely in order (and I like your post processing better)!

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