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And the results are in…..

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I know, I know….it’s supposed to be a day off, but here I am typing away from the gallery. What can I say, I have no life…… 🙂

As I noted quickly yesterday, Red River’s new Polar Pearl Metallic showed up late in the day at the gallery.  I had really wanted to give it a whirl, but alas, UPS was busy teasing me and making me wait.  But when I woke up this morning I knew, “The paper is waiting……”

So, I showed up this morning to do a little work.  Print head alignment, head cleaning, and then finally profiling the new paper.

Yes, I know that Red River recommends settings for different types of printers, but I still went through the process.  Why?  Former engineer here folks.  I want it to be exact every time.  No matter what paper I print on, I want the same color consistency across the board.  And after about an hour of setup, calibration, and testing I was ready…….

What image did I use for the first Metallic print from my own shop???

Hey Lorin, you gotta come by and see this image!

So, we’re now officially producing metallic prints here at the gallery.  Stop on in and check them out folks!

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  3. Kudos!! Fantastic composition. Excellent combo that really carries emotional impact.

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