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Another fun shoot in downtown Prescott

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Ah, today was a fun one.  Camera batteries charged?  Check.  Flash batteries charged?  Check.  Lots of extra batteries just in case?

Check!  All good.

This morning I got to spend time with two lovely ladies who decided to go out for a quick shoot with me.  Elliott came along again as my VAL (Voice Activated Lightstand), and did a great job once again!  It was a lot of fun!  I think my clients might have enjoyed it as well.  Below are a few picks from the day……

An interesting thing happened as we were wrapping up.  A security guy approached us, milled around, and then asked us what we were shooting.  Uh…..portraits…..  I think the softbox got his attention.  Anyhow, he just starts talking toward Elliott suggesting that maybe going forward we’d get a permit from the city before doing a shoot………

Wait a minute here……  Wha?

Yeah, that wasn’t even worth a full What.

Now, Whiskey Row, the Courthouse Plaza, 6 billion events downtown (light the lighting of the tree coming up), blocked access to my store on a regular basis, making out sales tax to the city each month……  Tons of tourists on the square every weekend with cameras, kids, dogs (dog poop on the square), and where are the permits?  Nope, no permits if you break out a camera normally.  But I tell you, that softbox is a red flag to be sure!  So, in addition to the taxes I pay, the inconveniences my business suffers on a regular basis due to all the events in town, now I need to look into permits when shooting around the square?  Hmmmm…….?

Well, I’ll look into that next week.  I guess my simple suggestion is to use a smaller softbox!  Maybe a smaller lens too…..it’s pretty intimidating!

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  1. PERMIT ??? that’s ridiculous ! what’s going to happen the next time if you don’t have a “permit” ? get arrested ? since when do you need a permit to shoot in a public place ? aaarrrggghhh

  2. whoa… I just checked, Rich. Seems the city of Prescott has a Film Office that has control of all photography that takes place in public spaces in the city ! $50 fee, insurance, etc. yikes ! guess I won’t be bringing my camera downtown anymore. so much for my friendly “hometown” !

  3. $50, you’re kidding! You pay the taxes on the prints, you pay the taxes to have a business. This is unbelievable. I guess it will be private locations for here on out. Unless you want to continue to be a law breaker. If you do, I’m game. I’ll wear the hat again, so no one knows who I am.

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    Yeah, cities and towns are getting fun with permits. I know of one beach where photographers are banned. Seriously. You know, we make trouble, pop flashes, harass bystanders, etc.

    Oh wait, bystanders usually get in our way. 🙂

    Interesting trend, but not surprising. And on taxes…. Did you know our sales tax here in Prescott is worse than in Massachusetts, one of the most tax heavy states in the country? Yeah. Revenue!

  5. Just don’t block a public right of way or a business and the City won’t get a call.

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  7. Beautiful captures of some very attractive ladies.

    So, if Prescott law enforcement was on the ball before the Kelby Photowalks….they would have made a lot of cash…or seen the walks cancelled.

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