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Another look at Prescott

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Prescott has been home since March 13th of 2007. I think I’ve checked out just about every store front, road, alleyway, and interesting pull off. Last night I thought I’d go take another look.

With the photo walk only a few days away I wanted to take a look at the route we’d be taking. Actually, I wanted to get a route together.

Ah, no route has been planned yet? Actually, a route has been planned, and I’ve had other suggestions. The big question isn’t about things to see, but having enough time.

Sadira and I went downtown last evening and started our own little walk from Sharlott Hall. I took a look at the time and pretended we spent about 15 minutes at the museum. There’s a lot to photograph there. Beautiful gardens, interesting buildings, cool tools behind the museum. Yup, 15 minutes with nearly 50 people isn’t too generous actually. You could stay longer for sure!

We made our way to the center of town, walking one alley, and stopping here and there. I stopped occasionally to take a photo or two. Hey, I’ll take a new photo opportunity when it’s available. And yes, the tripod was along in case I had an HDR opportunity.

After walking what I considered a very short time I checked the time. More than 45 minutes at a non-hurried pace. We enjoyed people watching, hearing a military band on the square, and had fun just being out walking around in town.

45 minutes just walking. No major stopping for photos. No large group in tow. Hmmmm…..Yeah, it’s going to be hard to cover tons of distance with a larger group. This is going to work out well!!!

I’m happy to say that I’m now sure we’ll have a great photo walk! The route I had in mind is a good one. And I’ll be providing alternate points of interest for folks who want to look around more. But for the group we’ll be keeping it to a smaller route.

The only big question now……

What do I wear?ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Another question concerns what lenses might work best along the streets. Certainly that depends upon the photo subject matter and personal preferences, but perhaps some suggestions based on your experience on the streets of Prescott might be appreciated. For example, are the streets and alleyways so narrow that wide lenses might work best? Or, are there enough interesting details on or around the buildings to argue in favor of longer lenses? I guess the simplest answer is to bring along a range of lenses or a zoom with a wide range. Okay, I’ll bring everything I own including my favorite for architectural photography, an old circa 1975 35mm perspective control lens that “climbs” up the face of buildings and gets the viewpoint above street level where people get in the way of the image. Even though this is a manual lens, it has a new life on digital cameras where you can check the histograms for proper exposure, something I couldn’t do back in the old film days where I lost quite a few pics to bad guesses.

  2. Mike,

    I’ll have 2 lenses with me. My 28-135mm Image Stabilized lens and my 10-22mm lens. The 28-135 has been my favorite for years, and I find it pretty versatile. My wide angle is my new “baby.” Love that lens. It’s fun to use downtown and add a little distortion to shots up buildings.

    There are some interesting details on buildings, and yes, there are places for a long lens. But I don’t want to carry a bunch of stuff, I do that too often already! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wait…I thought that was MY question…

    Do you want me to come over and help you get ready? Or is that just a girlie thing…

    And wait a minute, is Lois suggesting that we all go topless?

    That might make for an interesting photo opportunity ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hey Rich…have a great photo walk! Maybe you should get one of those little flag-on-a-pole thingies that the tour guides in Europe use so your gaggle can keep track of you! That’d be a hoot… But really…have a great time…it will be wonderful!

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