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Tomorrow is approaching fast!

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Isn’t that always the way?  Tomorrow is right around the corner.

Maybe I should say something philosophical now…..but I won’t.

The Photo Walk is tomorrow!  I think we’re all set for a really great day!

Weeks ago when I first signed up to lead the photo walk in Prescott I was honestly hoping somebody else had signed up as a walk leader!  It’s true.  I’ve never done anything like this, and I was hoping somebody with more experience would have signed Prescott up.  I watched the Photo Walk website for a few days and finally I figured I’d better sign us up.

Prescott is a town that makes me smile.  The downtown is always full of activity, the buildings catch your eye, and there’s some great history in this town.  Beyond the downtown area you’ve got a lot of amazing sights to see in a small space.

  • Thumb Butte:  Just a short ride out of town and you’re off on a fun hike.
  • Granite Basin:  Another short ride for hiking, cycling, climbing, camping, & more!
  • The Granite Dells:  My home.  A wonderful spot for many activities along with some great photo opportunities.
  • Groom Creek & Wolf Creek:  A short ride along Senator Highway will get you to some cool trails and amazing boulder fields.
  • Lynx Lake:  Another great spot to cycle, hike, camp, & more.

The list can go on and on.  One of the things that struck me when I first moved here was the amount of recreation close to town.  I told one friend that you could drive 10 minutes in any direction and find a cool park or rec area.  Maybe 10 minutes was a slight exaggeration, but only slight.

So, I’m very happy to share this town with the walkers I’ll meet tomorrow.  I guess I’m a little overwhelmed that we have a full walk.  That’s right, 50 people have signed up in total.  That’s the max for official registration you know.  I thought maybe we’d see something on the order of 20, but never 50.

Here’s hoping we have a good day, and that a few amazing photos come out of it!!!

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  1. Don’t fret. You’ll do fine tomorrow. And you are not exaggerating about the 10 minutes to get to cool rec areas around Prescott. Go check out Goldwater Lake as well, I’m surprised it didn’t make your list.

  2. Rich,
    You take such amazing photos of Prescott, you have peaked everyones interest!
    The pied piper of Prescott! You will have an amazing day. Good Luck!

  3. Hah! I was doing the same thing, watching to see if someone else would sign up to lead the Prescott walk. I think when I finally decided I’d do it you’d beaten me to it by less than an hour……

  4. Ah sorry Carlos. You can do the next one! 🙂 How about you plan out a Jerome / Sedona day?? 🙂 Round us up a bus or something!

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