As heard on the street yesterday……

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Woman 1: Awww, look at that. Furry Little Monsters is going out of business…..

Woman 2: I love that store! She always has such great windows! And everything in there is so nice.

Woman 1:  I’m going to miss that store.  So sad to see another small business closing!

Woman 2:  I wonder what will move in there to replace it?  Well, do you want to go in for a few minutes.

Woman 1:  Yes!  But I’m not going to buy anything, just look around…….

I do not find it surprising at all that small businesses across the nation are imploding.  And I always love hearing people complain that we’re losing our “down towns” everywhere.  Cause in the end, I hear it all day long.  Wonderful gallery, beautiful things, you guys do a great job, etc.  But then no buying…..  How do you think small businesses make it without actual business?

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  1. Well, Richard you need to start supporting small business more. Maybe at the end of June you could come to Massachusetts and support a new small business with food you can eat and would like!

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