Insult to injury, or somebody being funny?

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So, to follow up on the prior post, we’ve got a little more.

Early this morning a woman popped into the gallery.  We chatted for a while as she wandered around looking at all the artwork we have on display.  She explained that she was waiting on a class at another local business and thought she’d pop in.  The gallery is an enjoyable place in her mind.  And that always puts a smile on my face.  It’s good to know folks like visiting.

Before departing for her class she looked at me and said, “You know, I was sad to see Gray Leaf Gallery close.  I always liked visiting that store and it was my favorite gallery in town……  I never bought anything there, but I sure wish they could have stayed open……..”

Uh huh…….

Less than an hour later another gentleman strolled into the gallery to pay a visit.  I recognized him, and knew he’d been in before.  Not a customer yet, just a visitor.  We talked about several of the artists, and I walked with him even though I was in the middle of a print job that needed to be finished today.  Print jobs get put on hold for gallery customers.  You’ve got to be out there and engage.

After nearly an hour of poking around the man got ready to head out.  And he looked at me and said, “I was in a couple of months ago and liked this place.  I thought I’d better stop by today just to see if you were still in business.  This economy is shutting businesses down……..  I’ll be back in a few months to check in and see if you’re still in business…….”

I’m not kidding folks.  Seriously, not kidding.

Speaking to the owner of Furry Little Monsters next door, she’s had similar interactions over the past few days now that the store closing notice is up.  Folks are coming in to look, comment on the closing, and still not purchase anything.  And they’re pretty up front about it too.

I seriously wonder, did my two visitors today read the prior post and come in just to poke a little fun at it?  Or are we now playing “death pool” games with local businesses.  Hey, I bet running a business death pool is a profitable racket…….. Maybe I should look into it.

Ah well, guess we’ll all meet up at Wal-Mart sooner rather than later as both customers and employees!  See you all on Aisle 8A!

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  1. It’s like the two elements aren’t put together. “Poor stores going out of business” and “Go have one last look before they fold” never come together to “store struggling+maybe I could use a print after all = saving local businesses”…
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..Can you trust your meta data? =-.

  2. Post

    Jason, it’s a complete derailment. You know, I think I know part of it. Folks look at all the great stuff and the owners of the business. And I think they believe the owners must be wealthy as they have all this great stuff in the store.

    We do everything on consignment. We couldn’t buy direct if we wanted to. Heck, I just told the phone book guy to go away yesterday, I don’t have an advertising budget this year.

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