Back in business, but still tinkering with composite images

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Okay, whew!  The print head is installed, inks all replenished (financial ouch), and canvas has been rolling out this morning.  All good.  I’ve got 3 days of printing to catch up on.

While catching up my mind is still on playing with my whole composite experimentation.  Recently I rediscovered Joel Grimes and his website (I’d seen his work in After Capture or some other magazine a while ago but forgot to look him up).  Want to talk about some cool images, check him out.  HDR combined with portrait work / composite work.  Honestly I don’t know how to describe him.  Just really, really cool!

In looking through his website I realized he picks out backgrounds for HDRing and later using as backdrops.  Very cool indeed.  So while in the throws on “no print” boredom yesterday I went around the block to see if I could create a few edgy backgrounds for later use.  Here’s what I came up with yesterday……

I could see myself dropping a lot of stuff into this one. Still, it needs work first.


Not sure, I think every High School Senior has a photo of themselves in front of this spot....but still......


I've already started working with this's coming out cool.

This image deserves some kind of super composite. I need to crop off of the right a bit, but I think a final composite with this image may just rock!


I really like the idea of shooting HDRs to then blend with portraits.  Seeing Joel Grimes work told me that I could combine my favorite type of work (HDRs both dramatic and realistic) with the portrait work that I’ve been getting into.  Best of both worlds, eh?  So, I’ll keep experimenting.  Of course whatever I do in the end will be my own unique blend.  I always bring something different to the table.

Okay, enough rambling.  Gotta veneer some more canvas!

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