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This morning I find myself slammed with a huge print order, so I’m going to be quick with the blog post.  See, the Phippen Art Show is coming up, and 3 of my clients are in it.  No small thing there, let me tell you.  Steve Atkinson (the link brings you to the latest piece that I imaged and color matched for him a few weeks ago), a new addition to my client list, will be showing his wares at the Phippen.  And he’ll be offering fine art reproduction prints of select paintings.  That’s what I’ll be working on today.

Right before Steve showed up yesterday to drop off his order, Kassi’s step son John popped into the gallery.  He’d missed his bus at school and he came to the gallery.  Kassi, in addition to being on of my regular lighting assistants, is working several days a week in the gallery for Ian.  Early in the morning I’d set up a new lighting idea and left it out for the day.  I figured since John was stopping in I’d borrow him for a few minutes.  We did a 5 minute photo shoot, and according to Kassi I captured many of his faces…….  Kids are too fun, especially if they don’t mind being silly.

I’ve got a few more images that could have been added to round out all of his “looks”.  I did a quick 10 minute collage before we left last night.  If you look close you’ll see where I screwed up clipping.  But this was a quick collage just to show Kassi.  I’ll actually clean it up more when I have time.  All of the images are straight out of the camera.  The only editing was putting them all together.  Fun, fun!

Well, there’s the super fast post.  I’ve got to start sizing pieces for Elegance Velvet and canvas……..

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