Classic Airstream at Imperial Dam

Behind the Firehouse

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Over the weekend I popped down to the gallery several times.  Ian is speeding along with the interior work, and things are looking good.

Coming from the parking garage you get to see a row of old fire hydrants behind the Firehouse.  Pretty cool actually.  Originally they were all a silver / gray.  Now they seem to be receiving a paint job.  Honestly, I kind of liked the silver / gray.

When the hydrants are finished being painted I’ll post the results.  Each one is unique so far, so we’ll see what the whole row looks like when it’s completed.

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    We had a discussion of exactly what this now looks like…ahem. I am sticking by my statement that this has to be some sort of joke…why would they DO that to any of those hydrants when they have a resident artist in house? OR…an other of the many creative people we have in town…

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